nternet plus organic food industry innovation and development in Qigihar

June 14, 2017

in modern society, people’s awareness of green products have become very strong, but the green health products in the market is very popular, to some of the characteristics of the green products sold, the network is not a lack of platform.

Green organic food base area

for the realization of green organic food traceability, accelerate agricultural IOT construction in Qigihar City, set up 64 monitoring points around this year, rice, potatoes, vegetables, cereals and other varieties of green organic food for farming, transportation, processing, distribution and sale of part of the whole process, all-weather, traceability monitor, consumers to scan two-dimensional code, see the production process of green organic food through the network can. Monitor and command center network in Fuyu County Funan irrigation district core area construction, promote the realization of intelligent control of organic rice, rice seedling, planting, harvesting, storage, production process monitoring.

to make green organic products fast delivery to high-end consumer groups, to accelerate the development of electronic commerce in Qigihar City, or through self with the large-scale e-commerce platform for the implementation of network marketing. The city’s green (organic) food E-Commerce Association to attract 64 members of the unit, the advisory unit of 31, relying on members of the association of green food production and sales of electricity supplier industry resources, the establishment of green food promotion center. The establishment of youth E-Commerce Association

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