Restaurant sommelier should pay attention to what

June 18, 2017

if you want to successfully open a restaurant, business process encountered in any detail naturally need to pay attention to. As for restaurants, wine is also very important work, will be able to directly determine the restaurant business development.

Chen is a restaurant in the flourishing of the newly recruited shortly before the waiter. After a period of exercise, the front office manager sent Chen to stare at the private room. I feel confident in the training of a variety of service etiquette can finally have the opportunity to play, very happy. On the first day, Chen is responsible for the reception of a private room with a northern accent customers. Customers heard that the wine shop is very authentic wine, fame is not small, come today to name a taste of rice wine.

Chen kitchen heated a pot of Yellow Wine on the table, then let the customers to watch the wine and wine, they begin to separate in dish table wine. Prosperous restaurant is a white wine glass ceramic cup mouth is small, a small amount of wine. Chen remember the training teacher said in the training class: pour hard liquor, such as wine, rice wine, etc.. In order to show the owner’s enthusiasm and hospitality." So, Chen put inside each cup full of wine, and then carefully with the tray will be distributed to each customer.

Chen ignored the forthright character of the north, they see wine on the table, the owner proposed a toast. Everyone rose from his chair and took up his glass for a drink, but as a result of the effort, several of the customers were spilled, and a customer spilled wine on a new suit. Chen rushed over to help wipe and apologize.

said: "the young man before leaving the guest service is good, or drink wine, wine is the general level."

restaurant waiter Chen because the prosperity of pouring down over and cause customer dissatisfaction, which can be regarded as the serious mistake of catering service in the shop. Even in wine etiquette requirements filled, should also follow the normal table does not affect the customer activities. Mechanical understanding, the inevitable result of the implementation of the doctrine is that the service is not in place or aliasing, resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

restaurant waiter in the wine after the need for customers to pour. For the display of operation asked the waiter a graceful and dignified, behavior, at the same time to achieve fast and not overflow. The waiter poured skilled talent can become a beautiful scenery in the banquet, the customer can enjoy the mellow wine, and can feel the elegance of the service, the effect of icing on the cake of the harmonious atmosphere from the feast.

, a wine waiter at

waiter at the same station and serving customers Zhenjiu the posture. To stand behind the customer

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