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June 18, 2017

in the night market, many white-collar workers set up a stall, they drove the car, paid for, stall Changxin map music, at the same time with others about selling things, the way to earn money, shoot two hawks with one arrow, Why not?? Of course, to stall for a living, or the main force.

"vendor"   less investment risk is small, although not stall government advocated the mode of operation, but because of the Business Hours free, it is easy to operate, according to the survey results show that in Taiwan, is one of the most popular youth occupation.

around us, stall the entrepreneurial accomplishments of a few dreams of wealth. A lot of people from the beginning of the stall, starting from scratch, through hard work, and finally put himself on the highest Hall of wealth.

what goods for the stall sales:

for the stall goods, should have three characteristics: common, cheap, novelty, are likely to become a stall selling goods. Entrepreneurs can sell some of the young people, especially girls love things, such as jewelry, ornaments and so on; can operate relatively new commodities and Home Furnishing decorations; simulation game can run children’s toys and ages; can also put the stalls, popcorn workshop etc..

Due to the

stall siting weapon:

The location is also very important

stall Equipment Tips:

: not stall cloth sheets, but waterproof cloth is the best choice.

loading bags: woven bag, travel bag, rod boxes, see the category and quantity of the products, getting along with.

A: change in his hand is not too good, with pockets of safety >

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