Pay attention to the safety of two-dimensional code

June 20, 2017

is now the rapid development of the industry to pay, so we do not go out with the change can easily buy a variety of things, even if you want to buy a steamed stuffed bun also sweep with a mobile phone, quickly completed the payment. However, although the two-dimensional code payment is convenient, but the same is dangerous, but also need to pay attention to shopkeepers. Once the switch, it may cause considerable losses.

boss, you this piece of WeChat to pay two-dimensional code to paste, do not put on the table, there is the danger of substitution."

"no, I’m not aware of this. Thank you for reminding me".

11 16, client managers and supervisors in the process of city, visited the market, found in the area up the convenience store owner will WeChat to pay a two-dimensional code simple random pictures on the desktop, without any fixed and paste. The account manager and the manager immediately alert the customer and explain the risk to the customer.

now, the use of mobile payment payment has become a common phenomenon in major stores, so convenient and quick way of payment by everyone’s favor. However, there are some need to pay attention to the details should be reminded of the majority of retail customers, for example, the beginning of the two-dimensional code we mentioned the issue of random throw. Previously, there have been a two-dimensional code image is Diaobao after the customer pays the money into account the case of others, I watched the customer sweep the two-dimensional code payment and bank accounts, but has yet to receive the money.

believe that such a situation is certainly encountered by the owner, so there will be such a warning, in short, if you want to make the two-dimensional code really play a role, we need to take care of. Here, we want to remind the majority of retailers, making a good picture must paste the two-dimensional code to pay, they can always pay attention to fixed in place to prevent substitution, reduce risk, protect their property security.

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