Marriage lawyers make millions of dollars a year

June 20, 2017

there are groups of contradictions and disputes, also need to have a lot of lawyers, lawyers, lawyers say the market how you may feel as you will, but today to talk about the marriage lawyer do four years making millions of brilliant achievements, what is a person how? Let’s wait and see.

filed a lawyer He Xin, you might say he shook his head; if 4 year net profit of millions, you may be surprised.

he is the first in China to participate in the legal status of marriage lawyer, specifically for the billionaire looking for the other half of the 80 northeast guy. May 23rd afternoon, the reporter in Shanghai, Zhongshan, south of He Xin, 500, a law firm, met the young, handsome guy. After 30 minutes of chatting, he suggested to reporters to try the "big blue and white"".

living in the city of Shanghai for 5 years, he still love Xin already marry and settle down to eat the Northeast restaurant, love to eat dumplings, "just like back home, two words, ‘comfortable’!" in the fresh melon shrimp dumplings and thick sauce in the Northeast Tossed Mung Clear Noodles in Sauce, he told reporters the little fellow with xin. It’s the first year Shanghai money home new year

He Xin is a person in Heilongjiang, Jiamusi. 2001, the Law School of economics law school, Heilongjiang University, read the 3 grade he tried to take the attitude to participate in the national judicial examination, but successfully pass. So, he began to practice in Heilongjiang Province law firm. A year later, he has not graduated from the University, he is qualified to practice.

2002 in July, He Xin came to Shanghai alone, in Beijing Dacheng Law Firm Shanghai branch office. To the first year of Shanghai, I was the most difficult and most difficult year." He Xin said.

in the office for six months after the assistant, He Xin with the director to apply for independent handling. At that time, unfamiliar with life, there is no case in hand, he followed the old lawyer every day behind the case: "give me a case to do it!"

at that time, he 1800 yuan case, the case also do not money. I earned a total of 30 thousand dollars a year, deduct the need to pay the management fees, taxes and fees, to remove the rent, the remaining. By the end of the year, even the money to go home for the new year. Thirty night lying in bed in the dormitory, the self-confidence and pride of a green hand all gone."

strange business tycoons abandoned to find the other half

Liaoning Zhang Qiang (a pseudonym) in Shanghai district is famous for his character, simple, even when the start empty-handed, boss, there are still 10 years as an ordinary salesman as hard to run around, until one of the rich were to become the city of Shanghai. Being busy with work, Zhang Qiang

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