What are the advantages of choosing to start a business at home

June 21, 2017

people who choose to start their own businesses often have conflicts in time and place, such as housewives and other entrepreneurial types. So what are the benefits of entrepreneurship at home? First of all, save a lot of overhead, reduce the cost of entrepreneurship, followed by freedom, according to their own arrangements. The following are specific details:

1. investment is relatively small, low cost and scale: equipment required for the enterprise, workshop, office and field labor cost investment, home business eliminates the need for multiple inputs, to reduce the costs to a minimum, so the family venture capital threshold is relatively low.

2. communication and marketing efficiency is high: the immediacy of the network, fast and interactive so that at home business has a higher communication and marketing efficiency.

3. at home to minimize the cost of entrepreneurial management: as a result of fewer entrepreneurs at home, and sometimes even for 1 entrepreneurs, which saves a lot of communication, decision-making and management costs.

4. high spatial degrees of freedom: like farmers tied to the land, many people were fixed in a certain time and space range, people become an indispensable component on the machine, and make their own business at home on time and space to grasp, to achieve a high degree of autonomy and freedom.

5. enjoy the joy of living: many people think that he is too busy, no time to enjoy life, do not have enough money to enjoy freedom of wealth, no way to let the family in a picturesque place to spend the perfect holiday, no energy to their work outside hobbies. If the face is not flexible in terms of demanding boss or unit, then you will become a slave to work, there is little time with their children, spouse, family and spend time at home business, may subvert all this, allowing you to enjoy the joy of life.

6. to meet the pursuit of life and career, in order to achieve the high quality of life to create the conditions: choose the right business model at home, you can provide a strong support for your life and career. High quality of life, including material and spiritual two aspects, at home can create conditions for entrepreneurship, but also for the high quality of the spiritual life of the possible development of space

7. effectively solve many social problems: unemployment phenomenon of economic and social development in transition have brought tremendous pressure to the society, pension and health and other social insurance to improve the aging of the population China society are in many aspects. Entrepreneurship at home without government investment, and can effectively solve the social problems faced by tens of millions of families, it is huge economic and social benefits is very impressive, the economic and social significance of entrepreneurship at home is obvious.

8. is an important channel to increase revenue: home business can not only provide full-time business opportunities for the unemployed, but also provide the way of part-time revenue for millions of families, these families improve living standards, is conducive to the construction of a well-off society, is conducive to social harmony and stability.



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