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June 21, 2017

most entrepreneurs are starting from a small micro enterprise, step by step bigger and stronger. However, the path of small and micro enterprises is difficult, if there are insufficient funds, poor channels and other issues it is easy to fail. Small loans is to solve the problem of entrepreneurs and the birth of funds, played a very good effect.

Hello, I would like to ask the

"what kind of fast food." At noon on January 4th, the rain stopped. In Haikou City, Guilin Yang farm market in a park named Yuhua chain delicious pot restaurant, a short hair, wearing a uniform woman is warmly received the customer. She is Kang Yanning, who is also the owner of the shop.

"Guilin Yang college town is located, the business should be good." Kang Yanning saw the opportunity to invest nearly 40 thousand yuan to open the fast-food restaurant. Later, after careful management, business bigger and bigger, the daily sales of more than 2000 yuan.

2014 years, she once again invested 100 thousand yuan to expand the size of the store. At this time, Kang Yanning met the problem of insufficient funds, fortunately, I heard that you can apply for small loans."

2015, Kang Yanning to start a small loan guarantee center in Haikou City loan application, and soon successfully loan to 80 thousand yuan of funds to solve the problem of insufficient funds.

"this 80 thousand yuan really is a timely rain." Kang Yanning laments. After the funds in place, she opened up the network ordering business, the business bigger and bigger, the province’s implementation of a small discount loan is good, to solve the problem of the lack of funding for these entrepreneurs who encountered the actual."

for more people to support entrepreneurship, last year, our province issued "on the strengthening of small loans financial discount fund management notice" and other documents in a timely manner, will unify the loan amount increased to 100 thousand yuan.

2015, Haikou City, small business loan guarantee center to complete the examination and approval business loans to support entrepreneurship 615, approval secured venture loan amount of 52 million 140 thousand yuan, led 1713 people in employment, to accomplish a task 102.5%. Among them, the issuance of small loans to college graduates 7 million 200 thousand yuan, to support the independent entrepreneurship of college graduates in 72.

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