Shenzhen Hengda Group Holdings of shares fell 9.96% Shengjing bank

June 22, 2017

for the Hengda Group to hold the Shengjing bank shares were sold, is what causes it? How do you see the practice of Hengda? The following and Xiaobian together to understand the specific details, then comment!

5 10, Shengjing bank announced that the bank since Hengda Real Estate in May 6th this year published announcement notice, Hengda Real estate subsidiary and Affiliated Companies has entered into an agreement in an independent third party, will sell 577180500 shares through its wholly-owned Affiliated Companies.

after the completion of the transaction, Hengda Group holds shares of Shengjing Bank fell 9.96% to 17.28%, but still Hengda Shengjing bank’s largest shareholder.

5 6, Hengda announced that 577180500 shares H shares through a wholly-owned Affiliated Companies Bridgefield Shengjing bank International Limited, sold to Great Captain Limited uni-pacific wholly-owned Affiliated Companies, total price of HK $6 billion 926 million 166 thousand.

public information display, Hua (00127.HK) is a listed real estate companies in Hong Kong stock exchange, the current chairman of the board of directors for Liu Mingwei.

sell Hengda Shengjing Bank H share is bigger than April 28, 2016 totaled to purchase 1001680000 shares of Shengjing bank domestic shares, so that the bank failed to comply with the Listing Rules in section 8.08 of the public float requirement. Hengda as a major shareholder of Shengjing bank through this Strategic Holdings, the Shengjing bank can restore public float requirements.

prior to April 28th, Hengda Real Estate (03333.HK) announced that it has acquired 1 billion 1 million 680 thousand shares of Shengjing bank Shengjing Bank (02066.HK) domestic shares, plus the previously held 577 million 180 thousand and 500 Shengjing Bank H shares, Hengda hold a total of about 27.24% shares of Shengjing bank.

Shengjing bank announced that on the date of this announcement and two transactions, the public shareholding is currently the Shengjing bank and will continue to maintain 26.58%, in accordance with rule 8.08 of the Listing Rules of the The Stock Exchange of HongKong Limited 25% minimum requirements.

although Hengda Group have the Shengjing Bank H shares 577 million sold, but in Shengjing bank or as the first major shareholders. And in the process of the sale in compliance with the requirements of the relevant rules of the listed Shengjing bank domestic shares, is of great significance.

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