Shops in the summer to create a cool shopping environment

June 22, 2017

although the country wide range of cooling, many people feel cold, however, in the past this summer, many shops because the shopping environment is not cool enough to attract more consumers. So, how can businesses create a comfortable and cool shopping environment, so that customers calm down to buy goods in the store? I sort out some relevant information for your reference.

reduce the store temperature, so that customers comfortable purchase. There are air conditioning businesses do not begrudge the cost of electricity, to keep the store open air conditioning may be more conducive to consumption; if the store does not install air conditioning, it is necessary to keep the store ventilation, open the electric fan to ensure that the air circulation. It is best to use the ceiling fan, which can not only occupy the place but also has better ventilation effect.

makes use of the light color to make the customer’s vision cool". Store display generally do not recommend the use of darker shades, which will increase the heat of consumers. Use cool colors suggest the shop, the best use of the light blue displays some Duitou, increase the visual sense of cool. But can not be deliberately unified use of cold colors, it is best to combine some other warm colors for embellishment, so you can create the best color matching effect. In terms of the number of goods in the display should be different from the winter "dazzling", not the pursuit of the pursuit of the amount of goods, relatively simple can increase the sense of refreshing.

play soft music to ease the mood of customers. Background music is an important factor influencing customer’s mood. The use of background music businesses should pay attention to this, if not properly selected, may affect the store sales of goods. The best choice of background music to ease the soft type, this kind of music can make the mood of consumers into the store, to create a clean and comfortable shopping atmosphere for customers.

The summer of

2016 has been in the past, even if the environment is not cool shops affected the business of the shop, it is already a past thing, if you want to shop can earn a lot of money in the summer of 2017, the natural need to learn from experience, Xiaobian introduced a lot of content does not hinder master, may to the shop the business has a great help.

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