The entrepreneurial approach to finding large enterprises

June 24, 2017

entrepreneurship is difficult, there are many difficulties we can hardly imagine, but as long as find a way to identify the way, entrepreneurship is not so difficult. So, what are the methods of entrepreneurship? What are the best policies? May wish to take a look at the entrepreneurial approach to find a big business gap!

80 for entrepreneurship, Yuan Xu has accumulated rich experience and profound understanding. Today, the WCC launched special "Asahi about 80 yuan business", also to a series of reports the "80 wealth show" a summary of his personal experience as an example to talk, we analyzes the problem of entrepreneurship.

: talk about the direction of

to find the blue ocean in the Red Sea

2005 Yuan Xugen, all entrepreneurs, with an entrepreneurial passion plunged into a hot market network game market, when Yuan Xu called about a team of 20 people, in an online game R & D projects adhere to do three to five months, but when the project is not out, measuring the.

coincidentally, the previous period, "80 wealth show" launched in the WCC financial version, Shu Yi also experienced this process. Before he imitated the popular American network model, into the e-commerce market, the results have failed. And Liu Yantian chose to do on the phone Taobao, rather than Taobao on the internet.

found error, time out, always find a piece of the blue ocean of their own.

on the market:

"to identify the user needs to focus on the


"do the market to find the user needs as well, entrepreneurship is to find.

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