What are the reasons for the failure of online Entrepreneurship

June 24, 2017

although there are a large number of investors who choose to start online, however, the real success is limited. What are the reasons for such a large number of losers? In other words, what are the reasons for the failure of online business?

with the rapid development of the Internet, now online business start to become more and more popular, network, as product sales or promotion platform, has a huge market, many people are aware of this and will have their own products to the network, and even some traditional industries, such as glasses, food and beverage etc. also through the network to start a business.

Although the

network business is indeed but we also represent the general trend, but to see such a fact that most Internet entrepreneurs have failed, don’t know why you are thinking? In fact, the cause of the failure is not how hard the network business, nor how bad the project, the vast majority of entrepreneurs because of their own reasons, why? The reasons are as follows.

1, impatient, easy to give up

business, the need to adhere to, the network business, even more so, the store opened there, as long as the chosen site, more or less People are hurrying to and fro. someone come in, but the network different, to find you in the vastness of the shop, not by a promotion is almost impossible thing, it needs entrepreneurs have great patience, not because of the long-term business is not neglect, eventually give up, in fact as long as you promote, there will be business.

2, not the same thing

network business of low cost, low threshold, many people even without thinking of coming in, and the people, naturally fierce competition; at the same time, the cost is low, the risk is low and the risk of a natural, low, the project is wrong, anyway also exit loss is not much, so, online business people still do not quit, let go.

3, unwilling to invest

a lot of people in the eyes of the online venture is zero cost, not to make money, it is necessary to invest, many people are not willing to. But imagine, you don’t understand the network shop, is not willing to spend money to learn, or he will not do, Taobao shop also got out of order, and don’t want to ask someone to help decorate, expecting the sky will fall out in vain?

Although some people say that

can be self-taught, but you spend a year or so to learn something and guide the teacher a few days or weeks to learn, which may have enough time before you earn n times the investment, so that time is money, this is the truth.


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