How to locate a clothing store

June 29, 2017

on a business in any shop, to be successful, not only needs great efforts for investors struggle, at the same time, nature also need to have a more accurate positioning, so that it can ensure the business is hot. So, how to open a clothing store location?

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just beginning to prepare to open clothing store entrepreneurs will be very confused, because do not know how to do specific style of clothing, looking for their product positioning, in fact, the novice just opened a clothing store location is very important, a good location will be directly related to the development of the shop after, related to the future market competitiveness.

clothing store is mainly based on the operator’s own competitive advantage, so that their clothing stores and products in the market and consumers to establish a different image and competitors. Clothing stores can create their own competitive advantage by creating product differentiation, employee differences, service differentiation, and image differences.

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, to accurately locate their own clothing store, it is necessary to fit the operating method based on, as long as they do not make the core error, coupled with their own unique small ideas, you can cause people’s attention. If the style around are more similar, it is necessary to look for features, such as price characteristics and style characteristics, clothing style is not others, so as to be stronger than your peers around.

1. to understand the role of market positioning

clear the retail store image to determine the target customers. In fact, the market positioning is to give customers a goal, the customer’s purchase behavior plays a role in navigation. If the retail store positioning lack of personality, the lack of attractiveness to customers.

clear direction and purpose of business. Market positioning is actually the application of market segmentation strategy, through market positioning, clear the target consumer groups, is conducive to the retailer needs to understand the characteristics of consumers, guide the retail store to develop the right product portfolio, price combination, service composition, promotion etc..

through the market positioning, is conducive to the understanding of retail competitors, Bishijiuxu, weaknesses.

market positioning is a kind of retail strategy. With the strengthening of the retail business and the change of consumer demand, retail stores can improve their adaptability and discover new market opportunities.

2. to understand the market positioning procedures

market segmentation. The market segmentation of retail stores is usually based on the age, gender and social class. Through market segmentation, you can understand the characteristics of the various segments of the market to buy, assess market opportunities.

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