Xiamen Free Trade Zone released financial innovation cases increased to 38

July 5, 2017

blink of an eye, Xiamen’s free trade area has been established for a year. So, in this year, what kind of development? Here, together with Xiaobian on the development of Xiamen free trade area this year to make a simple overview of the situation.

Fujian FTA test area was established in Xiamen a year ago, bear in mind the historical mission of financial reform pilot field, and actively explore innovation. Recently, the Xiamen Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee, municipal finance office jointly with the people’s Bank of Xiamen Center branch, Xiamen Banking Bureau, Xiamen securities regulatory bureau, Xiamen Insurance Regulatory Bureau jointly issued the Xiamen free trade area of the second batch of 11 cases of financial innovation, mainly covers the deepening cross-strait financial cooperation and enhance the service function of the real economy, innovation and supervision services in three aspects.

at this point, Xiamen Free Trade Zone released financial innovation cases to 38.

enhanced service entity economic function

in the service of the real economy, Xiamen free trade area to promote financial cooperation, "Hester" around Xiamen to build the core area of the "sea silk" strategy, to guide financial institutions to actively for enterprises going out to provide financing support.

Bank of China Xiamen branch for the Xiamen free trade area of the first foreign investment business; China Development Bank Xiamen branch through the issuance of offshore renminbi loans 1 billion 100 million yuan to support Indonesia thermoelectric project; Xiamen branch of China Construction Bank and China Construction Bank Singapore Branch linkage given at the Xiamen University in Malaysia $50 million credit support, the first to go out of the education sector in China area a road project.

Xiamen to provide 930 million yuan of insurance insurance insurance for COSCO logistics, Xiamen Chengdu Europe train projects; Xiamen export credit insurance company for enterprises going out to provide overseas investment insurance, overseas leasing insurance, export buyer’s credit insurance risk protection and financing plans, "The Belt and Road" key countries projects to support the amount of more than 1 billion dollars.

innovation regulation and service

innovation supervision and services, to explore and improve the FTA test area financial risk management. For the risk management of the FTA test area, the people’s Bank of Xiamen Central Branch of the United Xiamen Banking Bureau, Xiamen branch of the foreign exchange bureau issued "on the proper China guidance" (Fujian) free trade zone in Xiamen area of financial risk management, from the perspective of supervision of financial institutions and the level of clear shftz risk management organization the leadership framework requires financial institutions to establish a sound internal control FTA test area of the business, the full implementation of the FTA test area of risk management measures.

at the same time, for the FTA test area business may be more prominent in the field of risk management, such as liquidity risk, market risk, counterparty recommendation

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