Very crazy firmly believe garbage station regular stand of black and white

July 11, 2017

in the webmaster circles, often can see someone said garbage station, regular station. For what is a garbage station, what is a regular station?. The public says that the law is reasonable.

some people say that the garbage station is to record, that is formal, not for the record, not called regular stations.

some people say that the original content or submission, contents of all the first hand data acquisition is not absolutely not, CTRL called normal station, that is to say the Shanxi SEOwww.ShanxiSEO.com is normal station; vice versa is rubbish station.

some people say that the garbage station is to turn other people’s search results into HTML, and then let people search again, pure cheating traffic station is garbage station, regardless of whether the content is original, but visitors to help station called formal station.

also said that the garbage station is used to support the family today, and the regular station is for tomorrow’s career development.

do you think that statement is correct? There are several garbage stations and several regular ones. I think the formal station is to create value for society, for their own accumulation of connections and resources called standing station. Be able to leave your own QQ, E-mail and other contact on the website, called formal station.

in fact, there is no need to point out, so what is the regular station garbage station, and I think it is not garbage just fine. The existence is suitable, the garbage station has the garbage station survival way, the regular station has the regular station the development road.

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