Nutrition China talk about the future to do Taobao customers how to make money

July 11, 2017

now what the most profitable? I did Baidu promotion, GOOGLE advertising and other advertising, but in the end I have to admit that more money or do Taobao off (this is not advertising, but the truth is they).

I have just started off Taobao built a lot of websites, there is a single, such as weight loss, acne, UGG boots and other commodities, although also earn some money, but more tired, can only be spent great efforts to post promotion in order to earn a little of that commission. When you have a few days to go to the promotion, may in the next few days will not have what income; there are long-term information websites, such as nutrition Chinese, nutrition for Chinese this site I had not thought about Taobao advertising, but also added later. I’ve been doing it for over half a year, and I’ve finally come to the conclusion that the site that calls only Taobao products doesn’t achieve long-term results.

a single commodity promotion may be higher commission profits, but income is not always there, but also must be promoted every day. But I added Taobao ads in nutrition China, and now almost every day there will be some income, although some commissions are not so high, but at least do not have any strength to do every day to promote!


and Ali mother immediately to launch the blue whale plan, what is the exact meaning of this blue plan, I don’t have too much to learn, but deviate from them, we are still using our web site to sell things for businesses, then get commission.

to do Taobao customers, now is everywhere, can be said to be Taobao’s "summer" – very hot, but hot after all, is to be cold down, so do a long-term web site is the right way. The so-called long-term, that is to say, to do a vitality of the site, as in the previous paragraph of time to see a friend said, to do a sustainable development of the site. The website combines Taobao guest to do, take Taobao guest as a part of the website, can go to can stay, can use it to earn some money to earn knot, when it can’t make money, then can remove at any time, can’t regard it as the only one!


also take my nutrition China because my site, mainly to nutrition and health products, so I added a nutritional health products store, take DEDECMS program is to do, then add a Taobao custom plug-ins, classified according to the acquisition of some health food, do a good job in the day after I collected some goods, so now every day add goods, Baidu will soon be included! Then I added a Taobao customer program, this is a lot of trouble, want to add more web content, I am no exception!!

later, but also want to do a woman’s website, and then add some of the female guest Taobao goods, I think there must be some income, but look at some sites before their own building, although just built when the flow is also very good, but also earn some money, but the time has become the past now, a few.

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