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July 11, 2017


this article reprinted from Baidu UEO, the author for @ bean sauce -. Navigation is an indispensable part of web design. It is a fast way for web visitors to get what they need.

navigation allows the hierarchical structure of a web site to be clearly displayed in an organized manner, and guides users to find and manage information effortlessly. At the same time, navigation is located in the upper middle part of the page, the area of the visual center. To maintain its function reasonably at the same time, a good navigation design, web design is the punchline


a designer is always an important element in layout and overall planning web design. We’ll think about it:

What form does

navigation come from,


maximize its function of combing the website structure and transmitting information effectively?


foil and match the design style of the whole page,


able to create, polish and reflect the features of the site without affecting its functionality?

?Is it possible for

to stay on track and become a vital part of web design?

then, let’s share and analyze some of the navigation designs that designers have spent their minds on.

The design of

navigation is based on the basic categories, attributes, and characteristics of the site.

here, I selected some non system, portal and other types, with clear features, user positioning, product and brand features of the brand category, thematic sites. For these sites, navigation design will exceed our common horizontal strip navigation or vertical navigation, will be more meaningful, fun and interesting, is to allow designers to develop creative design and thinking of the "interesting" navigation


A. material class, add material to navigation!


material navigation is the most commonly used design method for retouching navigation and increasing navigation. In a web site with special orientation and user orientation, designers are using the techniques widely used by designers.

this rapid and simple and direct effect of the design, rapid characteristics and product designers ingenuity show. And material class navigation design often can, do not have to break the basic form of navigation, can be good to maintain navigation function, page layout of the neat feeling.

can thus flexibly represent the features of a product in the structure and location of a fixed web page prototype. Designers can carve their own material as they wish, thus creating different meanings of navigation, becoming a small highlight of the entire page.


B., let navigation be more than navigation,

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