There is not enough time for amateur webmaster how to choose the type of station

July 11, 2017

at present, although the domestic filing system has been unknown. Increase station obstacle, a lot of people stand outside stationmaster circle eager to try, but hesitant to wait and see, dare not forward.

, according to the survey, the overall growth of Web sites in recent years has been significantly lower than before, which naturally happens. However, the Internet is always forward, and more obstacles can not stop some of the novice webmaster to join.

, there is a professional website to eat the webmaster. This part of a day of the time in the maintenance and operation of their own website, do promotion, advertising, statistics, check the income, paying attention to Baidu, Google, to repeat the same work, although tired, but after the habit. Day and night the nest in the home, a few days did not see the sun, a few inches in front of the computer display, are looking forward to their hard work will soon usher in a bright day.

This kind of

we can be called professional webmaster, their website has a strong purpose, because there are a lot of time, all kinds of construction site is also very bright, such as local communities, such as the portal, because this kind of site need to spend a lot of time and care.

but there is a part of the webmaster, just fancy, Internet enthusiasts have their regular jobs, and the Internet is independent of the occupation, but the station was full of expectation and love, this part of the webmaster can with their own wishes to establish a website, but after all, he always want to develop a good website. Then you should combine your actual situation to choose the type of website.

this kind of webmaster if you choose a local portal, highly interactive type, to be successful, the difficulty is very large, how to choose a suitable for their own, not to spend a lot of time can make to the success of the web site. My suggestion is to build a picture station.

, like a program I sent a few days ago, built the site, imported the database, uploaded the pictures in the packet, and a website was ready. This kind of website usually does not need how to take care of, only needs to make the propaganda in some posts, occasionally has the time to upload some pictures to be possible. There must have been a certain picture resource, and the user who visited it might collect the site. And a newly established portal, or forum, has just been built without any content, and the user will never pay any attention to it.


above is my suggestion, my new · I want pretty, you can give me some advice, mode of development and future. Thank you,


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