Talk about new sites a month to achieve the PR value of 3 Secrets

July 11, 2017

I recently made a new, non mainstream QQ space station www.qqzone9.com, domain name registration time is April 12, 2009, April 30th on the line, so far a total of 32 days of operation, today PR update check actually found to PR3.

below, I will write it out for your reference and communicate with each other:

, a basic principle: the link is king, this is the old content for the emperor to focus on, before the line on the website to update the basic work content, add nearly million articles, basically all is false original. (ha ha, do not laugh, pure original can not be achieved). At the same time looking for a considerable part of the Links on the Internet, and similar sites, this point is very important, there are many webmaster friends when looking for Links are only see the PR value, included snapshot, what, in fact Links personally feel that the most important link to do similar net station. In order to increase the external links, you can send a post in the famous forums and add links to your own website. In addition, there are some comments on blogs on blogs, because they are favorite places for spiders.

two, keywords optimization to proper principal, do not engage in keyword stuffing, I did the test, Baidu sometimes used, sometimes even keyword stuffing can improve the weight, but don’t do in GOOGLE, you do, his collection will reduce, I tried many times every time, that is the result of. Key words density should be between 2% and 8%.

pay attention to web pages in the title, Keywords, Description, these places should be carefully designed, and generally a station of keyword selection and SEO good, look at here. We look at the way I stand, Tidianyijian:

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