The fate of people webmaster Baidu, mother looting!

July 14, 2017

I am an honest webmaster, do stand hard, hard business, a year down slightly results, the site is Google and Baidu are very good, and every day to increase included 100, independent IP also increased from more than 100 to several thousand independent IP, with the flow, you want to earn through the alliance money, so they know that Baidu Union, Baidu Alliance for fairly well, a few days later, through the application, to join the Baidu search promotion and promotion, the next time to make a station, increase traffic, there are nearly a hundred yuan monthly income, this kind of day every day over


a chance to know Ali mother, the mother has just launched soon, see a lot of people do, so also apply for the account, joined the ranks of mom, mom to reduce advertising and advertising platform owners to enter the threshold, a time to join the station increased sharply, in 3 days to join the mother, I found the site ( traffic suddenly dropped a lot, then quickly view the search engines, Google did not decrease, but the amount collected from the original Baidu 1W multiple pages down to more than 2000 pages, all of a sudden, Mongolia, he recently did not do what the site changes ah, every day in the update server stable, didn’t do what bad optimization, what kind of cheating, why suddenly included Kuangxiang, how Baidu is


finally found the reason, Baidu in Ali mother to join the advertising industry, after the so-called algorithm adjustment, in a big proportion up, low the weight of a lot of personal site. "Baidu’s algorithm adjustment is actually a disguised K station". Personal site in Baidu search weight drop, included natural decrease!


it seems that Baidu really called on board with her mother, perhaps this is the competition in business, my main site traffic from Baidu, Baidu limited my flow, the site also finished, then immediately remove the mother of all advertising, Baidu included 2 days began to increase, increasing every day is not much, only a few dozen a page, but see Baidu included increased, hanging in the heart is safe, who is China let Baidu search engine leader, Baidu tender also cannot say what


next, and do a stock fund information site (, ( with the above site on the same server, do the station completed one month for the Baidu alliance, but this did not through the Baidu alliance audit, Baidu said the site just need to continue to improve, and this station a site is more perfect, but unable to join the Baidu alliance, I do not know where the need to improve, many just set up a garbage site can pass the examination, my site can not do in front of a site on the same server’s sake, I was dizzy!

can not do the Baidu alliance, I will be a mother, after all, advertising idle is idle, to join the mother again, >

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