The local web sites feature from local websites in their hometown

July 14, 2017

a home, everyone wants to believe in his hometown with a career of their own, so even after the back, can also bring a small life feeling, a forum about my hometown, my hometown is Zhongxiang, so on as a forum, the largest of Zhongxiang Zhongxiang the forum, speaking from such a site, some characteristics about the local website, simply summarize it, bring another receipt for yourself, and listen to the word slowly.

as a forum, the biggest feeling should have the following points, a local community about profit, local community sector, activities and contact on local communities, a local community popularity, these I believe that many people will encounter, after all, is the accumulation of popularity of community dream, there are people the other is the natural continuous operation, a local community, where are you?

) the profitability of the local community (the road to profit is long and the ends of the earth are partners)

about the profit, I believe that many local communities dream in the local community, profits are many ways, but the most common is the advertising cooperation, as a result, almost every one in the local community there are advertising, for example, 19 floor, Xiamen fish nets, which is a large the local community is not the top several advertisers? These cooperative advertising business has been necessary for a community growth, profitability of the necessary links, advertising is not missing, because the profit, however, we choose some forms of advertising can be different, such as advertising, the pages of the module add Taobao guest module,

this picture is found in the post, such as mobile with the drop-down box to display advertising, Taobao is the best place to do guest, if the procedures for the use of clever words, this recommendation will greatly improve the user stickiness, the purchase rate associated with Taobao, so profitable way one is the use of Taobao, another one is the cooperation platform for advertising, advertising, I feel advertising alliance or not set, in front of the advertising alliance, all clouds, the biggest advantage is that the cooperation and local businesses, choose some suitable businesses every day, you will find that the advertisement for. The original life can be so charming.

actually, the biggest help is on earnings for details on the cooperation and some local businessmen, because the local forum advantage lies in the local popularity, it is easy to have the effect of O2O, namely online orders, the line service, this service will bring unexpected goods receipt for your forum, after all the people the flow and the amount of orders is sure to be considered good, local, not to occupy the position after the advertising competition, a simple dinner, the Mid Autumn Festival Promotion, the Dragon Boat Festival, will bring a huge line of traffic, and the way of profit and group purchase linked to words really can achieve value the biggest charm. So it’s a long way to go, but if you do well in the offline Market

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