Talking about some feelings in the process of turning out domain name

July 14, 2017

everyone has the right to choose a network service provider that provides better service and more convenient management. Recently, there are many domestic agents or direct users are turning to the foreign domain, including some of my own friends and, partly because many foreign registered business to enter the China, provide more complete and more simple procedures can free online service, transfer, in line to get the password, on the other hand is some domestic the Registrar and agents of the restrictions and provisions of this article, let us start trouble until the cable has rejected, saying that if it is free, love life can throw, no power is more powerful than the desire for freedom.

foreign words, such as GoDaddy, ResellerClub, these are very convenient and free access to the transfer of passwords, these two, I have a transfer experience. The specific process, like the GoDaddy: GoDaddy account login – choose your domain name, "Authorization Code: Send by page Email Send by Email—-", click on the transfer password sent to email—- a new page, click on the OK for recurrent GoDaddy code to transfer the domain name administrative contact email—-GoDaddy will be sent to your mailbox transfer code the.

as the Asian domain name ownership ResellerClub ranked first in the transfer code gets more convenient, the password is directly online access to the specific steps: landing ResellerClub domain management background, achieve online transfer password. As shown:


two of the transfer process is online, automatic completion, without manual intervention, here the specific transfer process will no longer be described.

although they are very simple, very convenient, but GoDaddy is English interface, if you encounter what questions or I didn’t understand, it is natural to delay a lot of effort, ResellerClub has provided Chinese website (www.resellerclub.com/china), but also in the management of the background, but also provide Chinese customer service, send the transfer confirmation message is not Chinese. The natural language barriers, many detours, to speed up the transfer speed. It is worth mentioning that, although ResellerClub is taking the agent channel, but transfer the domain password is directly online customer acquisition, agents do not have this operation permission directly to customers, but also can avoid as many domestic registrars under the agency to set the terms of overlord transfer without permission, prevent the domain name transfer.

As for the domestic

as the new network, network such relatively large registrars, natural.

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