PR3 although very common, but it is a new beginning

July 14, 2017

QQ screen name can be said to be my first site after six months of silence. The first half of the year, because of something, left the network for some time. The first two months, after returning, because I saw a friend made a QQ screen website, I also followed a whim. Why did you choose the www.184m.com domain name,


domain name to tell the truth, it is not suitable for such sites. It might be better to use it as a navigation station. But these are not the key. What’s important is that this is a domain name that is heavily K, and when it comes to this, you have to mention the predecessor of this domain name. Maybe we all forgot about the dream home six months ago. Six months ago, I used this domain name to make a blog about website optimization, the name is called "dream cold home". Soon after that, several programs were changed frequently, and there was a XML article publishing system. Among them, there are website information classification station, local portal station and so on, because the effect is not ideal, this domain name has been the site that I used to test, and I haven’t done it seriously.

also a few months ago, I took this domain name to do a Three Kingdoms 11 forum. However, because of work reasons, do not give up soon. After that, take a simple navigation station, but how long do you do the same?. So frequently change sites, replace servers, led to a long time by Baidu K, Google since half a year ago K, and re use this domain name as a station, is not an easy thing. Put in front of me is the three major search engine included problems.

believe that friends do stand know, the site’s traffic sources are generally rely on three major search engines (Baidu, Google, YAHOO), my domain name is seriously K station, included naturally become a problem.

Google included, I am more concerned about. Relatively speaking, Google’s collection is much simpler than YAHOO and Baidu. In accordance with the normal procedures, Google to apply for re included, followed by waiting. Sitemap submitted to the site, I will not say, these are common sense.

Baidu, too, can only be submitted. Because the website uses the forum of the territory, the limit still has after all, so can’t do too arbitrarily. So far, Baidu is still not included in the home page, but also included a part of the page. Page included is not much, but after all, has begun to include, and then can only update and wait. Long time instability, with frequent changes in website content, the negative impact of the construction of the site is very large, the key is to hit the "webmaster winter", and now to Baidu included updates, I’m afraid it is not easy. But I also did not renew consciousness for 3 months, I just hope that after the update, Baidu can be stable, and I will be very happy.

YAHOO, recently did not know, the United States YAHOO included updates. Chinese YAHOO, I don’t know. Update is very slow, it is estimated that it is also affected by the domestic unhealthy internet. It is possible that the server is now adjusting, and the update has been slow so far.

but today >

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