Talk about the chain of judgment, SEO editors can replace the chain Commissioner become recruitment

July 15, 2017


can not be denied, even in the past two years Baidu adjust policy against the chain case, we see in a network company recruitment information is still outside the chain Commissioner, the current industry situation, now the Internet companies would rather several or even a dozen to send the chain, but not willing to please two SEO editors. For this situation, Wan Wanda Dennis that mainly influence "chain for the king" this concept, then the following Baidu’s "on the chain" judgment, SEO editors can replace the chain specialist recruitment

become popular?

in accordance with industry status: a short period of time is difficult,

we all know, most of the chain Commissioner but is to various forums such as A5, SEOWHY, stand in a row where extensive replies or send some low quality pseudo original article, which is also called for the chain chain.

from last year to this year Baidu Scindapsus algorithm on the chain judgment, can be described as Baidu is emptied the mind, want thorough rectification of the network, to create a high quality user experience in network environment. But even last year that many webmaster Scindapsus algorithm to bear huge losses, did not see the recruitment unit to reduce the chain of specialist recruitment information, and even worse happens. This point we can see from the replies in those forums, and even a reply with dozens of chains.

for this phenomenon, Dennis had in the group had the feeling, if you do not try to minimize this means will suffer sooner or later. However, many people think that this is only a Baidu official statement, in essence, did not have an impact on the external chain. Visible, now many of the network companies are not aware of the quality of the chain of importance, so in a short time to SEO editors to replace the Commissioner of the chain has become hot, recruitment is very difficult.

according to the development of the industry: the future is the trend

is a lot of people have said that the official announcement from Baidu does not have a substantial effect, but he thinks this is Baidu to give you a slow shock, Scindapsus algorithm has given us a big hit, we should be aware that Baidu wasn’t joking, once it starts to take action so we the webmaster there will probably be no retreat at all.

when Baidu’s "talk about the chain of judgment" was born, the first to take corresponding measures, and the impact on the industry should be A5 cancel the forum signature. Dennis as SEO industry "big brother", this is a very sensible, and great courage. Believe that A5 bigwigs are also aware of the current trends in the network environment, will make such a big decision.

we can see, when the "talk about the chain judge" specific implementation, the chain will not be so easy, that is to say, the chain Commissioner will lose the market, replaced by SEO editors will be.

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