Must Sheng nternet wildcard SSL certificate, so buy the most cost-effective

July 15, 2017

will hold Internet wildcard SSL Certificate (https://s.bisend.cn/wildcard-ssl-certificate), is hot! Will Sheng interconnected Symantec, GeoTrust and Comodo brands wildcard SSL certificate, have a discount, users can be reduced up to 68%, down to 739 yuan / year.


must have Internet wildcard certificate

can classify SSL certificates into single domain type SSL certificates, multi domain type SSL certificates and wildcard type SSL certificates according to the number of domains that can be protected by SSL certificates. Single domain SSL certificate, as the name suggests, that the certificate can only protect a domain name, and SSL (WildCard) certificate, you can protect a major domain name and unlimited subdomain. Compared to other types of SSL certificates, the wildcard SSL certificate has the following two major features:

saves the cost – paying 1 certificate fees to resolve the security of the primary domain name and multiple subdomain names;

management is convenient – just manage 1 certificates, and avoid duplication of application management.

wildcard SSL certificate versus single domain SSL certificate price contrast

The following

will list several popular Internet will hold the wildcard SSL certificate and SSL certificate for the single domain comparison is compared with the same type of brand and SSL certificate of the single domain version of the price and the wildcard price, look at what to buy the most cost-effective SSL certificate.


must have Internet wildcard, SSL certificate, price comparison,


table is obvious, when there is to protect the subdomain, select the GeoTrust True BusinessID (https://s.bisend.cn/geotrust-true-businessid-wildcard) wildcard certificate than the direct purchase of single domain signature is much cheaper. Therefore, users in the purchase of the SSL certificate before, first need to determine the number of domain names they need protection; secondly, the need to consider the management and maintenance costs, although in some cases, the purchase of a plurality of single domain name card will be cheaper, but the management and the maintenance cost is greatly improved, The loss outweighs the gain.

in all, how to buy the most cost-effective wildcard SSL certificate, is a choice of reliable low-cost SSL Certificate (SSL certificate agents will hold Internet shopping a lot of certificate bargains, welcome the price!); two is to clear their need of protection and management of the subdomains considered factors, for horizontal and vertical price comparison. In addition, if you have any questions in the purchase of wildcard certificates, please contact the official website of h>

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