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July 15, 2017

if the Internet is a "world", the mobile Internet is more like a mirror, so that people in the real world and the virtual world through this "mirror" can quickly fragmentation interaction.

virtual world of the Internet and shout a view — "was the entrance the world, this kind of thinking is copied to the mobile Internet, the current mobile internet field into great" path dependence "buzz, what is the intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone operating system is the entrance entrance, entrance, mobile phone browser is the mobile phone input law is the entrance, and even some have claimed that the two-dimensional code is the entrance".

when we calm down, cool look at the Internet and mobile Internet, in fact, it is easy to find the great difference between the two. In the real world, our knowledge of learning, knowledge and practice knowledge comprehension although abide by the "paper come Zhongjue shallow, no matter known to practice", because of distance, time, capacity, resources, environment, and other physical borders and subject factors, we can not all individuals or organizations even the real world a special field of knowledge, based on the realistic world and mapping out a virtual world of the Internet, a good solution to our problems in the real world.

if the Internet is a "world", the mobile Internet is certainly not a "world", in fact, it is more like a "mirror", let the people in the real world and the virtual world of people (virtual ID) can interact with rapid fragmentation through this mirror, the real world of independent individual through the "mirror" in the two world reflects the existence of multiple versions of the individual. This "gate" as the entrance to the world is less important in the mirror of the mobile internet. So, in a sense, from the Internet "this world" transplanted to the mobile Internet, this "mirror" entrance theory is a false proposition!


in the mirror, talking about the entrance is meaningless, talking about trigger behavior.

we do a simple test, two completely parallel mirror, put one apple in it (the reason to use Apple’s Jobs, in a sense, he is the pioneer of mobile Internet, he let us find the "mirror"). "Putting apples in" is a trigger, so how many apple images are there? I don’t know. Someone told me the answer is that if the mirror is a vacuum, there is no scattering of light, and it can be an infinite number of apples. Some people told me that because of the quantum limit, the mirror always dissipates energy, and when the light is weak to a single photon, there is no next time, so the number of apples is limited.

"put apples in", we don’t expand the real world of the apple, nor care about the multiple versions of the apple in the mirror. We only care about why we put the "apple in" trigger, and we start with "trigger".

in the real world, man has six eyes

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