Talk about doing half a million yuan income return experience

July 15, 2017

do stand there are many directions, each has advantages and disadvantages, through a long period of confusion, I finally chose Fan Wenlei’s Web site. Beginning in August 2008, I spent half a year, dedicated to do model essay station, now model around IP6000, PV is not very high, probably about 20000 points. Since a few days ago, when Admin5 released information about the price of the web site, several people contacted me and had the intention to buy and bid more than $10000, which made me feel a little flattered. In order to be able to communicate better with all of you, I will talk about some ideas and ideas about doing model paper.

traditional model stations are charging the way, and covers a particularly wide range, from the ideological reports, the application for admission to the party, to the experience, lectures, graduation thesis, English composition, and so on. As a personal webmaster, I think most of the personal webmaster is not so much energy zone, so many plates, so much time and patience to add and modify so much content. Even with the acquisition of the method, can be a collection of hundreds of thousands of articles, but if you don’t do it yourself to change the inside of the title, content and details, and ultimately can not escape the fate of the station was K.

one, website plate selection.

in my web site (Fan Wenju,, I carefully research online famous essay station, through the Baidu search volume index, keyword Google type on the trend of each model are analyzed, and finally selected a few that I think the competition is not too fierce, but I can do on the plate flow. Through the analysis, I set out. The station main plate (thought report, applications), the main plate determines the extension of the development of your site, such as the first thought report and applications of plate, the relevance of the two sector is relatively large, after a certain flow you can slowly start doing experience plate because, thinking of the report and experience a lot of correlation, users often use some related words combination of the two sections of the search, thus improve the site’s traffic will be of some help.

two, the source of original content

good web plate after there is an important issue, the source of information on your website where? The Internet content is king, there is no original content, the search site ranking is a problem, so it is best to understand this. I did this, borrowed from various sources and journals, through their arrangement, every day update several pieces, of course, must indicate the source, convenient information update; another source of information, I believe that many webmaster all know, it is now overwhelming blog, blog is now Internet original production is relatively high in place as for how to search and mining, and the original blog and his essays related articles to each station owners to use their brains, after all, it was not easy. Fan Wenju is the use of this model, you need to find original articles, what specific methods I inconvenience?

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