The first time learned the experience of writing soft language

July 15, 2017

now I run website PR has not come, see online greatly the experience of people feel really do is still not enough, Shenyang talent network have done for two years, became the owners have 3 years haven’t written a soft, is really too lazy. Recently read a lot of big article, only to find that soft Wen incredibly has so many benefits:

1, a substantial increase in your outer chain.

a good article, just like a good song, see who will produce a strong resonance, often begin to copy down to share with others, sharing in the process of continuous, your website, your URL has been extended constantly copied, a link with you the article was placed in a high weight high PR high traffic on the site, don’t you think the flow, PR, weight is so simple? When your weight is high, PR rose, traffic burst, you would say, soft, I love you! Remember: a good article, a a PR3 on top of you and return the worn-out lips Links. If you insist on writing a month on a soft Wen, do you think this does not need to spend human, do not need to jabber, do not need to spend money, but is completely one-way Links value? So the value! If you insist on a


2, bring information to others.

no useful information or not, as long as your writing skills is not too bad, basically seen people can understand what you mean, in others you received this information at the same time, your website information will also be recorded on the other side of the brain, no matter how the depth of memory, one day that person may think you seem to have such a station, in the search for you at the same time, it brings you the real flow. Remember: don’t let anyone else remember your website, even if they don’t think of you for a while, but one day they’ll use you, except for the garbage dump.

3, expand the relationship circle of the webmaster.

do a good webmaster, just by you in updating is not enough, and many like you Laoniao rookie communication. Erected a webmaster of the brand, can only proceed from the written text, his own experience sharing out, will attract more love study network colleagues to join you and these people are your most valuable asset. Remember: don’t be afraid to write badly, and the bad article will be appreciated, because a lot of people can’t write even the rotten articles like yours. Don’t be afraid of criticism. All criticism is, in my opinion, a spur to you, to use greater success to refute those who have criticized you.

really don’t know, a look at the know the regret ah, so I knew if I have poor language learning to write, after all, do put so much energy and money in the inside, a few days ago to learn to write the soft article promotion, my old and new Liaoning station talent network www.lnhr.com, these days checked the effect is really good, at least the chain had a >

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