What does a travel website learn from love the discount network

July 24, 2017

There are a lot of

charm of the Internet, one of which is always at any time, a concept not pleasing website suddenly fire up, let these flowers flowers into the Internet are jealous, I love discount nets, is probably one of the latest version of the web dream ".

I haven’t looked, I love discount nets what time is "the tipping point", but suddenly the girls around me happy at this site around the blind girls, my girlfriend, my female colleagues, go on in the station, on the net I think the website, very worthy of attention. Even IT writers, who worry about Google and Facebook all day, began talking about the milk girls’ Web site (keso, wheat, cotton)…… And that makes it even more research worthy. I asked a lot of girls around me are asked: why do you love on this website, what is the reason? The collected answer beyond my imagination, but also makes me to doubt, is not the development of the Internet in the past decade, it is still a male of the Internet, we lack to think about the problem from women the angle, and Han Hua, the "I love discount" founder, a 26 year old girl’s success, perhaps is an Internet release of gender discourse. 1, "I love discount network" is a real satisfaction of women’s consumer psychology website. If a man cannot understand why women love shopping, do not understand why the site is so prosperous, the full of advertising information and the article sites, you might like to sniff at it, but the ad "shopping guide" attracted a large number of women, "I love" also attract their." "I love discount network" is a jump thinking of Internet business, it integrates a large number of female consumption information, and on this basis to produce intensity stickiness. When the gateway of the female channel into the female body show channel (basically is to see the man), "I love discount nets" narrowing the gender gap in Internet users today, success is simply because they need behoove.

we can find, "I love discount" ad is not the common bombing of the ads, sell information is often flexible, I do not know if this is the official requirements I love discount network "or website users spontaneously travel style. But there is one thing, this kind of advertising strategy has been demonstrated in TV shopping and catalog sales (e.g., mail order class) pure consumer magazine (such as the "fine") have proved to be successful, why the Internet cannot succeed? May ask women also love other shopping sites for example, Taobao, and what is the difference? It is a problem of 2, "I love discount" is also a truly meet the needs of the female consumer exchange site. There is a 82 years girl told me that she love to buy things at this site feel vendor to send a post, everyone in the bottom keep abreast, "

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