To the novice webmaster a site proposal

July 24, 2017

on the network is a mix of eight years, seen, experienced, there are many things worth telling the novice Webmaster:

, a website to take a catchy name of the site, you look at the first page of hao123, mostly * * network, so we take this name easy to remember, but some users don’t know in your website, the search will naturally search this name, if users want to find "car", the car search certainly, but some people will search the car in the network, do not know the circumstances invisible gives you a flow through index.baidu.com, check that the car search network attention is 6000, the reference below, there are thousands of search recruitment network, such as 51job, it will take a the name of 51job, so virtually less of this part of the search to bring traffic, personally think that a free recruitment network, it is also ranked in front, the traffic will not have the loss. Such as: Zhongguancun online, China excellence network, of course, people do not care about the money flow. The problem is that you do after Links and other sites, users see the name of your website will not point, such as: Zhongguancun online, from the literal meaning you know it is what the website? But the name of the Pacific computer network such as we see that what is introduced, the corresponding also can click Links. And do links, your link is also recruitment network, and the title of the home page is also recruitment network, so your ranking will definitely rely on before, and even search recruitment, you have a lot of opportunities before the arrangement. You can also search, in fact, there is no such "recruitment network", but someone search.


two, to have a good record of the domain name, such as mydrivers pconline, from the results we can see that in fact many users do not remember their name, but by the search to access to them, so that we long to search is not the answer, once users find a good record, and their contents sure to remember the website, website, and Chinese there are a lot of people will not use search engines, they will be more difficult to find you. Recently the site name thing we know, happy net (domain name itself is kaixing001) the domain name Kaixing not registered to get such a 10 letter domain name, and let the user to remember the 001, now happy net (Kaixing) to do a small letters, also take this name, get they have a lawsuit, had used other domain name can, don’t followed what 001; another is if you want to succeed, it is best not to use the domain name com.cn, is a user will not pay attention to less input behind the CN, the other two is Chinese website, there is a difference between COM and some users don’t know COM.CN, let you remember this behind a CN is more trouble, so Zhongguancun online had to spend 1 million to buy ZOL.COM.

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