Several misunderstandings should be noticed in the construction of the chain

July 24, 2017

outside the chain layout construction is one of the core content of SEO, high quality of the chain can give web site good weight, high-quality anchor text links will make keywords ranking more competitive. But the chain Commissioner in the layout of the link is more blind, just pure pursuit of quantity, this is to make a lot of garbage links appear, to their web site unknowingly bring fatal influence. So Puyang SEO summed up some of the construction of the chain should pay attention to a few errors.

soft text to bring the external links. A soft article published in a large portal if was included as a news source, there will be a large number must be reproduced, this is we release the soft like effect, but some of the more loose website, can only rely on a large collection, and strict monitoring, there are a lot of garbage connection, this site will be considered for the search spam or junk sites, the impact site chain of health.

message, signature. Now many forum blogs use nofollow. So there is no effect on the release of the chain. And now the search engines have been very low on this type of weight. So there’s no need to do a lot of work on it. When visiting the edge of the forum while leisure chains, but need to pay attention to relevance.

cache links, mirroring links. We use some webmaster online Webmaster Tools inquires, after the reverse link, it will appear some cache links. Mirror link to cache links appear similar to the situation, for example, we go to the above 58 issued a message, in other parts of the station will also appear with our domain name text information, but after the opening and found no information about this domain, the chain resources to good, but with the passage of time, these links will be less and less.

If you encounter

big update may lead to a large one-off disappeared, and some image which is the site of our website which, we did not release information and links is called image links. Cache links and mirroring links can bring significant ups and downs to our website in the short term, resulting in an impact on the site’s weight.

navigation directory site. With 123 navigation hot, there are a large number of web navigation network, network directory, you click on them, or are you on their links, they will be included in your website, this link is not what the value of our website itself, but will disperse website weight. DMOZ, hao123 and other well-known formal station is not included in this note, of course, they will not only need to do a link, casually included a web site.

software bulk external chain. This kind of chain release speed is very fast, and the platform choice, will have high correlation, but the mass of the chain there will be quite a part by the administrator delete, if it is a large number of the chain disappeared, the website weight would lower, weight is caused by K, so the use of the software group is a high method returns, high risk, because SE>

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