Personal webmaster do standing seven difficult problems

July 24, 2017

do stand for a long time, from the beginning of the static pages, now use CMS, do a few types of stations during the station, QQ station, now running television station, along the way, I summed up what I do stand experience the difficulties encountered are as follows:

No. 1: it’s difficult to start. Believe that many webmaster like me, no one guide, depending on their interests and hobbies simply to understand this stuff website point (can, including the site of the station) principle, server, HTML, ASP, etc. the most basic site of many things. Remember the first time is small, 35 days in the face of the computer station is common, the website up, update the site all day not seriously. I do not know why, no matter how many days do not rest, do not feel tired, when the brain has not yet thought of profit income. Just want to: I also want to have a station. At this point, it is a truth to know that what the old say is ideal,


second: select source program difficult. I believe a lot of people and a fellow – left, so there is no technology to write their own code to do it with someone else’s only station. When you want to do what station, you must begin to select the source code. I have seen a lot of source code, have tried a lot, but really used to do the station, but only new cloud, easy to move, and mobile network. The initial use of the new cloud is because it is simple, but later found that lack of functionality, not moving, easy to powerful, a little bigger site can not be competent, and I also do the most IP more than 8000 (not generated HTML). Mobile easy to basically achieve the needs of personal websites! Mobile network is only symbolic hanging BBS, there is no big flow. The selection process is difficult because when you find that this program is not suitable for the station you are currently doing or not competent, it is very difficult to change, and greatly affect your traffic. I don’t know how many changes you made in the station,


third: promotion operations difficult. Do stand up, just a start, more important is to promote your station out better operation of it, no matter what you use, or mail, advertising or BBS posts or horse or SEO or, as long as you can to flow. I have no money, advertising, e-mail, I hate receiving such spam, horse, very like BS, but if I had the technology would do the same, BBS posts, now the forum as a URL connection, we all like to avoid the plague who is willing to point SEO, oh, very hard to learn, did not dare to cheat, to some flow but also by K TM, really difficult. Moreover, the traffic flow back less.

fourth: difficult flow. In fact, it is difficult to promote operations, just want to say, many webmaster always for their own very little traffic and worry, use up the online promotion still can’t go up, landing every day dozens of traffic statistics, difficult!!!


fifth: income is difficult. When you’re worried about your income, how much of a steady flow is your station?. The income of individual stations is large

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