User experience is the guiding ideology of the user as a fool

July 24, 2017

website design is the guiding ideology of user experience, that is, user centric design.

so, how are we going to do user centered design? Some people will say: "to make the site useful, easy to use, friendly, right"; some people will say: "do a user experience design, and further to investigate the needs of users, to". That’s all right, but what are we going to do about these things? What’s the guiding idea? It’s making users a fool.

early in the web site user experience, I have only considered the function of the site, easy to use and friendly performance, think that these are good enough. With their long soak in the Internet, indulge in function and performance analysis of various types of website, then, as the experts as the design staff said: "this is the function of such a design, the layout of the division, the performance of the resulting".

later, in a few experiences, completely changed my mind.

, I have a graduate student friend, told me she wanted to buy a notebook, then strongly recommended her to two 3C website to see, said a lot of online shopping is how convenient, cheap. She asked me how I could buy it, and I said it was simple. You knew it when you entered the website. Two days later, when she called and told me she couldn’t do it, I was surprised, because in my opinion, the two web users did well. Last weekend, decided together to the site to see. Over the weekend, the next thing made me surprised. I watched her operate, and she asked me where she didn’t understand. First I couldn’t find the filter, then I had a problem with the purchase process and registration. Finally, since the new window was too large to find the window she needed, she closed all windows and started again.

it took me nearly three hours to get her favorite notebook under order, and I thought it was done. But second days, she called, said that I would like to accompany her to the computer city to buy it, I said why, she said that orders for a day faster, has not responded. I want her to sign up at the member center to see if the order has been delivered and maybe the goods are on the way. She says the membership center has changed little or the same. Finally, she bought a laptop in bainaohui. In the evening, when I met her on QQ, I asked her username and password. What’s the reason to go in and see what happened?. When you enter the membership center, check the order. It shows that the goods are on the way and are expected to arrive tomorrow. At that time I was ignorant… .

it happened to me, and it touched me a lot. If the site selection of goods in the middle, have conspicuous point, she might find the website; if the purchase process, registration and elaborate, maybe she will understand; if in the home member center marked her order details, perhaps she would not worry about the order without treatment; if these are web sites well, this order will be successful.

thought about it for a while, >

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