love the depth survey report on profit tracking

July 25, 2017

In front of our

I love the discounted net of survey data (survey report: I love discount network data flow tracking ( and flow I love discount net depth report tracking: 20080619/55.html), a lot of friends put forward their views and comments, thank. There is a need to put forward, after the last time an article in the webmaster nets to start many websites have reproduced, but did not reprint copyright statement, hope this website can reprint from – tracking network:

well, let’s talk about my love the discounted net profit channel. This is the website of each advertising will not abandon the source of income, especially for I love discount nets, we think if you, you will put a statement like advertising? Google Adsense, Baidu, Ali Mama, monthly advertising theme, most of these people will consider the advertising pattern of Han Hua naturally will not miss, may I study is not deep, but did not see the alliance advertising model, and this is I or many webmasters may also be used. The reason why Han Hua and Google Adsense, the Baidu theme and Ali Mama, I think it should be to reduce the risk, who knows that even the station will also have the danger of K, all kind of advertising, once K, often make a month or several months of work wasted, so everyone do stand advertising can also be referenced. It should be said, Han Hua more emphasis on Baidu theme, put the largest amount of advertising, but the only home page of the text ads are GG, these are only details.

is the largest monthly advertising advertising revenue is the most stable source of income, I love discount network is the most prominent position were occupied by monthly advertising, I love discount network traffic with rankings, each advertising monthly price should be around 5000+, counting the number of bits to Bao Yueguang is almost at least monthly income. Of course, this is just a rough calculation. Here the monthly advertising should have his own characteristics, in addition to some ordinary products should also promote the many shops, it should be said that as long as the possibility of selling things will have a discount, many advertisements will not only pay attention to put the monthly flow of them, should be pay more attention to the quality of the flow, very targeted, the advertiser should be massive, so we can consider whether their flow with quality and potential when doing the station.

I think I love discount in put others advertising will not use their resources to promote their products, if you have a Han Chinese clothing store, their relatives to open a restaurant, a friend opened the hotel, I think there’s profit or royalty should be quite huge. As we said before, I love information on discount networks

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