A guest to be eliminated from the Ma is the webmaster how to play their own death

July 25, 2017

Ma Yun, one of the leaders of China’s internet. Many people in the world know this man is not tall, some legends also circulated on the Internet, the more famous video has two, one is the backpack to sell sports pages, one is to defend the manhole cover in Hangzhou, pushing the two eight bar, the shirt does not fit in the process of Hangzhou TV media.

loves to play Taiji, a painting and calligraphy for high price auction, with Jet Li to do Pu’er tea, and recently singing at the festival…… Each airport has this character’s speech CD, which is sold from a secular perspective……

so, how far is the site from Ma,


is out of reach, and I’m afraid it’s a lot of people’s judgment now. But if ever, we are also zero distance face Ma opportunities? Local station owners may really be brushed past.

I think it’s not just the opportunities to cooperate with Ma Yun, but the loss of the right to speak in the mainstream internet.

2016 cloud conference has just ended in Hangzhou, Ali group released a series of releases, in my article "cloud habitat conference: Ma parade, Ali ambitions" in a article is described in detail. What’s the size of the cloud conference,


: the number of over forty thousand people, located in the outskirts of Hangzhou Yunqi Town, Ali and many related companies are in the feature of the town, I want to say is: in 2009, the first session of the general assembly of the Yunxi name, called: in 2009 the first Chinese local website development forum, the second time, Ma personally attended, and for all of the owners said: all the webmaster, you are Chinese Internet hope.

this meeting is the highest level of local area web conference, later in Beijing, Kang Sheng year still adhere to the grassroots webmaster general assembly has a strong color of the Internet Conference, Lei Jun is similar to other large coffee will join in, until 2014, Zhangjiajie live by our micro and Kang Sheng cooperation, held in the beautiful Zhangjiajie region the Internet forum, from year to year, now a dry cargo, and continues to do, only the regional internet forum this sign, 2016 is the fourth.

from this point: the success of the site of their own into a small circle, completely from the mainstream Internet community disappeared, some people may say the beginning we did not appear in this circle, then I can only think of Ma Huateng and Ma Yun’s unrequited love, this is a good comb it for five years the time, what happened to the local website

this circle?

around 2010, the rise of micro-blog people in this circle is also tense, nervous, but this is temporary, because in 2010, play the entire Internet to the mobile Internet is not routine, the impact of fragmentation to the fast, go too fast, too much because of the sensitive content, Sina micro-blog later entered the transition, many well known, new.

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