Autumn wind on the experience of local portals operating experience

July 25, 2017

autumn wind, I was in the first half of 09 years began to contact the website construction. At that time, because of the love of football, and in 5D6D on trial to build the super FANS forum, then, just because of hobbies, but the autumn wind at that time, there are goals, I feel that to do, we must adhere to, do our best. Now, super FANS forum has become one of the best fans forum in china. There seems to be a bit off topic, so, in the FANS forum in six months time, I have accumulated a lot of experience do stand, then I suddenly thought to do a local portal, I think to do local portal site should be quite promising. With that idea, I searched Baidu and GOOGLE for local portals in my home town of Yuhuan. I found there wasn’t a good place to visit in my hometown. It was an opportunity.

if you think about doing one thing and find that you already have a very strong competitor, you may hesitate to do it and whether you can beat him. It’s the same with websites. When you have a strong competitor, you should consider whether you can beat him. If you don’t have self-confidence, you can give up and choose a better direction. In fact, when I am determined to do local portal site, I am still not completely clear, of course, before the construction of a website, I have read a lot of similar local portal site experience "posts, but the successful experience of others, whether it can be 100 percent of the time the successful experience of others, really? Can you fit for local portal station? Do you have a better

operation strategy?

here, I will summarize my experience in the operation of my local portal accumulation, and I think we can try new ideas.

1, three-dimensional structure,

so-called three-dimensional structure, in fact, simply say, is to enrich the structure of the site. For example, my Yuhuan, you, me, his network is from Yuhuan, you, me, he, the gateway, Yuhuan, you, me, his forum, Yuhuan, you, I, his home. There may be some doubt, so many branches, will not cause the energy shortage, caused by each unsuccessful? I want to remind you here, if you don’t have the energy and time to build a local portal, then you do not attempt to build, is the establishment of a lasting thing, pay more you will harvest more. The three-dimensional structure I mentioned here is for several systems to complement each other and to serve each other. Portal home, mainly information consulting this piece, more practical, and this is a website face, to do beautiful, so that most people like. The forum is to site and homes and interactive services, the SNS community, like, happy net Huobian China, because he can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the members, a local portal, ultimately relying on many members, only members with enthusiasm, in order to maintain the local portal station activity. Dead web sites can’t last long.

2, earth >

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