Does website templates have much to do with traffic

July 25, 2017

          first, I was a rookie webmaster, in school time too much, just start to learn from the website, in December 07 started to contact the site, the first station or my brother to my site is zero, the mainstream, then copy and paste is Post Bar. In this way, the first station traffic makes me do less and less from IP2000, until now basically reduced by half. If you don’t say much, I’d like to say something about changing templates today.

          the QQ station is a station, is an old domain name QQYA, domain name has a history of 7 years, just started to do it bigger, but that is not the case, Baidu has not received, received only a home, but GG has received a lot of. Do more than three months now, and now is still a home page, that is, 2000 traffic every day, in fact, this flow basically comes from GG (inside a pornographic reports, in the GG home page).

          so persist for three months, every day to that point traffic is unchanged. Just yesterday, my brother came to me and said, "change the QQYA template. In fact, I felt the template was very good. Although the flow of the station was not large, there were many people who contacted me and asked for the template.". Because my brother more experience points, I will agree, so the website template is changed, today I suddenly opened online check, the number jumped nearly three times, I was very strange, don’t have such a great influence on the template flow? So today to send a post, want to discuss with you, and this is my first posting, no experience, just want to discuss with you, how can you really make the site traffic?. I hope the master can bring me, QQ1159556.

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