Attitude is the most important, persistence is the victory

July 25, 2017

was born in the end of 70s, the beginning of reform and opening up China years now is thirty years of age. From a very good grades (not brag), 93 years admitted to a very good secondary school. Now it seems that the original choice is wrong, but in those years, many good people are in secondary school. Now you’re all mixed up.

learning computer is a coincidence, although in school, but also learned the computer, it is really just fur, typing, and then learned the assembly language, wrote a line of more than 50 procedures, even if finished. After graduation, because the work is too busy so boring, participated in the national examination. Secondary school is specialized in communication, want to take an examination of communication undergraduate, I did not want to be in the small city can not take this professional, so I chose the last I do not want to learn english. The idea was that I wanted to prove that I could do the most difficult thing and challenge myself, but in the end I was defeated.

2000, I used a year of savings to buy a computer to play games, then there is no concept of the Internet, but also do not know the Internet this thing, the most is to play online games. It was this computer that aroused my strong interest in computers. I decided to study computers carefully, so I chose the computer major to take part in the exam. We started surfing the Internet in 2001. I also began to surf the Internet, mainly QQ chat, Lianzhong playing Chinese chess. In 2002, I began to be interested in web pages, and bought a 100M static space, but in the end, it didn’t go on.

work changes in the second half of 2003, to the operators to maintain data equipment until now. Because I’ve spent a lot of time to learn the knowledge of computer network. During this period, the self-study test of computer application has been basically finished. To 2008, the need to learn the basic completion of the study, maintenance equipment is basically stereotyped.

, in 2009 May, I decided to learn something new when I was free for almost a year. This time I thought of what I wanted to do before, and made a website. In the "internal affairs, never ask questions, Baidu, foreign affairs, never ask Google" era, I spent half a month, in the two search engines on the website construction has a general understanding. The first is to locate the content of the website, I want to learn while doing, do a web site to guide novice. Then the domain name, I want to use learning WEB domain name, learning to use the phonetic abbreviation, to my depressed found that this domain name has been registered, there is no way to retreat, and then on the use of Because I learned the C language, so I chose to use Microsoft’s.Net development platform, bought a 100M space.


is ready, my website is on the line. To my present standard, I can’t write any original articles, so I search on the Internet and see something useful for myself. I copy it and study it, and then change it to myself

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