t’s not enough to be able to look at the data

July 28, 2017


in the e-commerce industry, as an operating personnel, every day staring at those PV, UV and other data, every day to fill in the report is a must do. The most talked about every day is the unit price and conversion rate, because it can be obtained by analyzing the data, which should be promoted from that point and improved from those areas. Over time, the data to see more, it will easily fall into the trap of data, you can not penetrate the outside of the data.

, first of all, to find out why consumers choose online shopping, the answer is simple, because cheap. But in the cheap, but also requires quality assurance, otherwise consumers do not buy it. For example, in doing promotional activities, how many yuan to buy a delivery shirt will be sent, and if the quality of rendering unlined upper garment is very poor, I would rather not send. Because this will directly affect the shopping experience of consumers, obviously buy clothes quality and style are good, but because the goods are not good, it is possible to give you a bad review. Therefore, there is no way to get the right answer if you just look at the data.

, a 23 year old girl, has earned less than $3000 a month because she has just started working. She buys dozens of dollars in dresses. By the time she was 30 years old, she had become a mother and her monthly income was almost 10 thousand yuan. At this time, she chose a silk dress of 900 yuan each. In this case you can see what is always complaining about? Keep old customers, to think, to analysis to understand the customer’s consumption psychology? Of age for shop customer groups, targeted to make depth marketing activities of


a lot of operation to put pressure on the boss, the time to complain about sales performance did not obviously change the operation will Tucao: This product, the price is not high, the promotion is not enough, there is no good model to show the characteristics of style…… as an operation, must be good at thinking, find a breakthrough in the process of continuous the analysis of the. Always looking for products, how can sales be good? When analyzing problems, be sure to remember a principle. When many factors are changing, it is possible to say what is the reason. It’s only when other factors are static that you make changes in some way, and do you have any obvious changes to see the effect?. Our Tmall store struggled last April, with the lowest day selling just one item, when everyone at the marketing conference had a very low morale. Have expressed their views, some people think that is because of the change of the model, some say it is not the first to do the promotion in the region, some say is the problem of the price, the boss finally summed up a conclusion: all reasons are possible, but these factors are dynamic. Can not be used as a reference. He was against all the odds, adhere to their own ideas, is to work hard in the shop page, such as increased collection of links, do connection >

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