How does the QQ station optimize the content and enhance the user experience

July 28, 2017

! The first statement I am also a novice, do stand also have 1 and a half years time, out of order plug-in station, station, station, female joke stock station also do have 10 months, although not very good, but also learned a lot of experience. Later I heard that QQ station traffic is amazing, just do the long tail words can have tens of thousands of traffic, so it will follow a QQ character signature of QQ station, most of the people know QQ station also known as garbage station, because this kind of website and a lot of content is also a waste, is you copy me and I copy your. With the rapid development of the Internet is more and more perfect of website content requirements more and more high, Baidu algorithm is more in favor of the user experience of the website, so many webmaster QQ aware of every just copy and paste is not sufficient to handle the search engine.

takes my QQ signature network as an example of how I optimized the content of the web and improved the user experience. Because of my website keywords selected is QQ character signature and QQ net, because the content is optimized for the two keywords, specific content is: the title of the article (repeat and link back to the article) + a collocation character signature or QQ name (this article recommended links) + (see if the content is not very clear you can visit my site www.qqgxqm.org see my way). Although this approach than the previous and then copy and paste to the content with several key words a little trouble but the effect is really good, because I also use the traditional method to update, this update method, keyword ranking and PV is steadily raised a lot (ha ha, increased from 2 points to close now 4.).

in fact, method of different theme optimization of every site is different, and what I’m talking about is the idea of a tight for reference only, every webmaster can find a more reasonable optimization scheme according to their site’s theme, but this plan must be around the theme of a user experience the complete if only to cater to the search engine from the user experience, believe that even if they can get good rankings but also to maintain the near future. Do webmaster tired ah, who do not want to have a stable site of their own good rankings, I hope today’s a nonsense to you some inspiration, help, in addition, the small station recruitment links, see friends plus QQ369003810.

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