Four years of network life, my youth to you

July 28, 2017

locked the door, the curtain was drawn, and the light was not turned on. "India Qinanxiang" re burning cigarette point, do not know what time to fall in love with them. At least I know, they make me relax, let me think nothing, stay quiet and quiet…

was seventeen years old, I was a stupid child, although now twenty-one years old, I did not at that time than clever, but at least there is a good thing, that is in the past four years, I never cheated of money. Like evolutionary theory, everything changes in time, and most people like to call this change "progress".

now, I’m sure I’m seventeen years old. I’m an idiot. I was cheated by a primary school classmate, a famous place in the six Kingdoms period — Handan. That guy is ugly, but articulate, easily convince me. In fact, I really don’t understand him, we are primary school students, he is a repeater, only know that he is a cow, two years older than me. Sometimes I think: idiot! You were stupid or stay! Put your fix in two words or three


, I believe that the seemingly very reasonable in two words or three for a month, and in that damn mice after most willing to, and home to deliberately plan out of a small number of rmb. By the way, I haven’t said they’re in pyramid schemes. I stayed in Handan for three months, and it was dark for ninety days. But I never lied to anyone who joined their organization. This is my only consolation! As for how to escape not elaborate.

spent the next few years in Chengdu, and my network life started here.

rented a small room of about 10 square meters, bought 2 electric rice cookers, one for cooking, one for cooking. Daily life is very simple, at 12 in the evening, to the Internet cafe on all night. 7:55 in the morning on time off the assembly line, go home to sleep, until four or five in the afternoon to get up, eat something, and then go to see the film, at half past ten or so to an end. When the mood regrets, still buy a bottle of wine on a few cups, finished 12 points on time to "work",

the first contact is the symbol of self-help, fool operation let me put it down, copy the N many things in their own home, don’t stop admiring; sometimes dozens of IP suddenly excited about me enough. What’s more, I can’t sleep at noon, then climb up and run to the Internet bar to see how many people are visiting today.

this "heroic" personal homepage does not last long, and you often see people talking about advertising, making money or something. Earn money? "Website" still can make money, after understanding, just know, original website makes money, it is to put advertisement on oneself "website". Alas, very happy, I want to make money! Simple and naive


then registered a few ads, put the ads everywhere, and then go to all kinds of large and small forums, post propaganda, not a few days, disappointed, and even three dollars less. I’m going to delete everything on the station

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