2009 grassroots Adsense in the end can do something to make money

July 28, 2017

, the question… What can the ad league do,

?According to the 2007

and 2008 advertising trend, for individual webmaster, advertising alliance give milk is not enough, this is because the lack of milk in the form of several major league co extrusion advertising market caused by the flow for small sites, advertising alliance is nothing more than waste your valuable advertising. So, for the domestic advertising alliance, I want to tell you loudly, don’t do it. Tired people do not make money.

If the

have trash or have good SEO ability to do? If you really want to do advertising to earn that has been pressed do not know how many times the water, I suggest you do English station or other foreign languages, foreign advertising, and now many foreign advertising isn’t China open, but a lot of support PP, as long as you have a PP account, you can do the same with their money, Europe, the United States and Japan station is relatively small, the market is relatively saturated, if one has been squeezed in the pressure is not very cool red sea, also as to the blue ocean swim, although this piece of blue ocean has been flushed, but better than those red and purple red sea a lot stronger, plus the exchange rate advantage, plus your ability to SEO, I believe it is not very difficult. .

regular station, industry station how to live?

normal station, industry station, as long as you find on the market, it is very easy to live, I often see some Adsense articles on ADMIN5, often do stand a week feeling, do stand a month of feeling. In fact, I want to say, you do a business station, a station, no more than 1 years, don’t talk about feelings, you can say that is only your laborious process of thankless, impossible to others in any of the available experience.

normal station, station industry is such that you do it for more than 1 years, there are some good practices, people are diligent, do the first half of the year, will experience the benefits of the site, it gives you the profit going, not the kind of explosive. It was a snowball, rolling slowly.

no technology, no patience, what to do,


then you need a smart brain, for example, now so many personal webmaster, this is the middle market big Zhang ah, want a template template, Lee has not sell, you can do this intermediate people ah, this is like 90s was bought back to sell, these two who is now a level kuanye, why can’t you do it? As long as you will be afterwards, diligent. A penny can make a fortune.

if there is no technology, no patience, no head, no clever diligent hands

how to do?

then I suggest you lie on the balcony of your house every day, open the window, when you drop the pie, call me, and I want to lie down to eat. >

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