A journey of a calf of a passion station

July 28, 2017

first introduced me to the two protagonists, my story: Black sergeant, Sergeant black (I).

, two of us were classmates and friends when I was in junior high school. The first person I talked to when I moved to Shijiazhuang in Beijing was.

"you’re from Beijing, aren’t you?"

"well, yes," he said. "I’m not very sociable. I can only answer.


"where is Beijing?" he continued.

"Dacheng middle school", I did not want to answer to.

"I rely on you, we’re classmates," he replied, surprised. ".


"ah, you’re great, too." I asked him strangely,.

"how to say, as some friends, he got the answer we are living in the vicinity of.


"Oh, that’s it." a little bit of a feeling that I was fooled. But it was better. I just got out of the old friend for two years and got to get along with me a few words, like a friend in Beijing,.

In this

, the so-called "elite schools", we had a pretty bad ass, more than a year a fucking endless sleep. Every day, the teacher was found, but the chin on the table to sleep. And the weekend is risking high pressure electric shock wires to the outside of the Internet, (I am not, I have to go out, because the day is the reason.) once, I do not know how, probably looking for points in a boring life without stimulation, card smart to go out, but they have choice and climbed three, four meters high, risking the electric point over the wall out of.

to the cafe, they see more crazy fight (legend), but I don’t know what to do (running, triumph, XX station, basically I have to touch most of my peers complex), on the second day, it is too late for dinner, crazy like a shower room with water a pig to sleep. This day until we each day of departure, I was still in Shijiazhuang, but changed the world as.

friends on the QQ, are generally re line state, but usually not how to chat, even chat, but also nothing more than on the "ha ha, oh, well, 88" from this just contact the network, there are words.

until one day, I told the cat to send voice, voice chat, asked him recently where to go to school, and the like. Want to go to Beijing to find his next play, but he is also found home, all day at home playing computer, when there are all sorts of things to learn computer class… He told me that he is now doing a website, I am very curious, and that year did not know the time of war, he also how to do the site?… .. Open. Good.XX station ah, say X is not X, not X or a little X. X X to go anyway, that is not how the XX "dump". Garbage station, these three words I am afraid of 90>

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