Know whether the road of realization will follow the footsteps of watercress

July 29, 2017

four months ago, when know almost on the line "knowledge on live" this product, known CEO Zhou did not mention much about thinking of commercialization of this product, four months later, Zhou began to take the initiative to speak know the realization problem, "knowledge sharing pay is a new form of economy for the known, the formation of knowledge pay is also a kind of release, or to produce a high quality of information about the new mode of production." Zhou source exciting shows between the lines.

building knowledge service market

‘s confidence in the realization of knowledge derives from a series of results that have already been acquired in the realization path. According to Zhou Yuan introduction, so far, almost on the opening of the paid licensing reprint questions and answers reached about 400000 articles, as of September 20th, a total of 557 games live, participants per capita consumption of 52.8 yuan, repeated purchase rate of 37%. 4 months on the line, know the average hourly salary of live speakers has more than 10 thousand yuan, of which the highest single field profit of 150 thousand, the largest number of live access to nearly 43000 people.


know about CEO week source

The formation of

knowledge pay cannot do without the popularization of mobile payment, is derived from the concept of consumer users transfer and consumption habits change rapidly, more and more consumers tend to have good products, quality service and quality information. And the way of information acquisition is also changing, from the "casual" to "accept" information into "active" access to knowledge, the choice of information is more mature.

based on the above three market factors, Zhou Yuan believes that "there is a supply and demand relationship between users and users, exchanging information with each other purposefully, forming a knowledge market."." So far, the ambition of knowing not only lies in the question and answer community, but also the construction of a knowledge service market. It not only becomes a high-quality information platform for cognitive surplus, but also becomes the infrastructure of the knowledge economy. Dedicated to the establishment of a series of market mechanisms around knowledge supply and demand, and allows knowledge providers to derive benefits from them.

product profitability matrix

know almost throughout the product matrix, from the column, the community question answering the newly launched value between, know almost live and e-books, each product modules corresponding to different knowledge sharing and service scene, known for each product function have been tried in the scene to pay.

if the reproduced "pay authorization" and "appreciation" function is more in order to maintain the community cultural atmosphere, enlarge the user contribution of knowledge value, further stimulate the output of knowledge, then the value between live and e-book, know the profit way is more clear.

, in the invisible contest with the answer, know almost completed three "worth" product form of iterations, from the initial "scraping version" to "2 reward" questions and answers, and then to pay questions, voice answers in the form. "Value", I hope to create a "one to one consultation" scene.

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