Learn to fall in love with Baidu

July 29, 2017

Baidu, since the algorithm has been adjusted, many websites have suffered, and the days when the traffic was ready to flow was gone.

has had a big impact on many websites, and this effect is fatal for many websites, especially new ones.

how to eliminate this influence, this is placed in front of each webmaster is a serious problem, but also have to consider the problem. The answer is clear that this effect can not be eliminated. At least Baidu can not be eliminated in a day, but we can think of ways to minimize the impact of this impact. Some of my friends in the "hurt" by Baidu, Baidu does not after filled with righteous indignation. This is irrational, first, Baidu occupies 7 of the Chinese search market, you do not do what Baidu? Second, we are not to support the national industry.

in fact, getting along with Baidu isn’t the most difficult thing in the world. You should treat her as your lover. In this paper, the author will combine their own situation, talk about how to fall in love with Baidu, say bad, we do not shoot bricks oh. And Baidu love is divided into three stages: 1. test stage; 2 crucial stage; 3. rescue stage.

I have a website: Beijing clothing wholesale network (http://s.bjfzpf.com) the establishment of a month, Baidu not included, the mood at that time is not only anxious ah, but how to do? It’s like you have just started chasing girls, also wrote a love letter, send flowers, but also a lot of singing songs in her downstairs. However, she is not with you, even ignore your existence. You want to do? Give up? Never, because normally love master don’t do, she didn’t want to talk to you, everything you do she see in the eye in mind, but not to show it, she will send a message to you: I am not what people will oh promise. This is Baidu’s first awakening interest in the opposite sex in all you do, she knows, just don’t show it. This stage is the testing stage, the answer is: 1., I wait for me, wait for me, etc. (don’t wait until the flowers are all over); 2. continue to be attentive, keep the website updated and find the high quality of the chain.

pays off, thirty-fifth days at Baidu included, excited ah. But this time the ranking is not good, included not to flow is also not good. Just like you are good to your girlfriend, and give her love and care, but she is not good, delicious, do not give you to eat, good drink do not give you drink. That’s OK. That means you’re not good enough. This time you have to begin strategic research, collecting information, such as your girlfriend love to eat what drink what what to play, and then match up, you continue to increase in the eyes of her favorability and weight. This stage is the crucial stage, solutions: match up, increase the degree of goodwill, the specific approach is to research your competitors website title, meta, keyword layout and density etc..

a few days but good times don’t last long, included the number >

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