Li Yang and Wang Shuang talk about the growing history of red children from the love of the child

July 29, 2017

: red child is Baoshu about co founded the two of you, then what is the opportunity to make you think of two couples together to start doing this


Wang Shuang: the maternal industry has a major characteristic, is a lot of people are having a child, because of love, because of child care, maternal love to the industry. We are no exception, after having children of maternal and child supplies began to interest, especially to see some articles we first thought is not the same, for children choose when accumulated some experience, hope to give mom some help, so began to do in this industry.

Li Yang: I add, actually, the story here is very interesting. For the past 98 years in Beijing, we’ve been working with Zhongguancun all the time. When Wang Shuang was pregnant and gave birth, it was the period of SARS. I discussed with many people later. Many businesses found the opportunity to develop after sars. In fact, before the red child, I already started the business. Have your own advertising company. After the outbreak, is also in 2003 August, Wang Shuang went to Shanghai to join a brand, called Doug conservatory. At that time in Huilongguan, a district of wind Graceland opened the first maternity stores (Dou glasshouse). Unexpectedly, after opening, she was busy on the weekend in the store. I went over to see her and found that the business was really good. And then my advertising company also encountered a bottleneck, to include Epson, LG, Intel such a large manufacturer to do the service, I feel the market is no room for growth. The office building of the advertising company is Zijin building. At that time, including excellent network, but also inside the office. Because the service has been IT manufacturers, so how much of their understanding of the Internet, but what to do industry, supply chain, goods are not very clear. Just during this period, I realized that there was still a lot of room for mother and baby products. So I was involved too.

she is doing in August 2003 Doug greenhouse, red child is the Spring Festival in 2004 started, we began to work together in the field of mother and infant. You can see all the business in this area, from the good children, to fancy baby, you, are the basic couples to do basic is the wife do first, then Mr. felt a great development space, it is. So did we. Then I stopped my advertising business and started a new company. It was the red kid.

: About Baoshu features of this industry, also happens to be a problem, I would like to ask, a lot of people want to start, especially men may want more, but from the family perspective, usually choose a personal business, another person to choose a relatively stable job, and so the chance of relatively insurance, then the industry most common business, everyone think the mother of this industry really is a very promising industry


Wang Shuang: as a whole, I personally feel that this industry is too trivial. We do other industries, such as you >

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