Aggregate user pages, game portals into web game development boosters

July 29, 2017

from the second half of 2008 to 2009, when the traditional economy was hit by the financial crisis, the Internet economy has entered an era of constant innovation and steady growth. Especially the game industry, the overall show a contrarian upward trend. A variety of "game" as the theme of investment cases emerge in an endless stream. New investors have been involved in the game industry, and new games have been introduced. Giant network will soon launch a new online game, "green journey", Hunan TV will enter the field of game, push web game news also shows that the game market is a big competition for the "big cake."". 09 years of game market, is WEBGAME, SocialGame, cross platform mobile phone online games, with clear profit model and innovative game joint operation based Internet new ecological development stage. Many new games continue to enter the market, many large online game manufacturers have begun to set foot in them. Hot and fast growth has become an undisputed fact.

, especially the rapid growth of web games, has led to the rapid growth of the game industry. According to data released by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), as of June 30th, China’s web game users reached 56 million 420 thousand people, an increase of 25.3% compared with the end of 08, an extremely rapid growth. And iResearch officially released the 2008-2009 Chinese web game industry development report also known as web game market revenue has exceeded the platform game, reached 500 million yuan, and thereafter maintain a growth rate of 20%, is expected to break through 1 billion yuan mark in 2010, reached 1 billion 260 million yuan. Because once the browser technology and network environment for various reasons such as "flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum game with a new look to stage a comeback, communication is convenient, low threshold of game player and quickly occupied the market, not only the prosperity of the gaming market, but also to the SNS website and personal profit. Web game SNS, SNS injected into the new elements, bringing new profit model, to find a new development point. And its large amount of information to individual stationmaster, do relevant portal, information station brought more opportunity. Like 265G, bubbles, vagrant online ( and other well-known Web game portal to provide users with "information, polymerization game operators rely on each other to promote the interactive development of web games to improve competitiveness and level, narrowing the distance between the game player and the game, further screening, to promote and improve the innovation ability of the major manufacturers. Common prosperity, reciprocity and mutual benefit.

domestic web game market ushered in new opportunities for development at the same time, we should also see the problems behind it. "Games such as the emerging like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the type is various, war strategy, business simulation, leisure sports, martial arts fighting, and various types of All flowers bloom together. without the client, configuration, low demand, convenient operation, simple operation. By the majority of white-collar workers and students of all ages in part, tired of stand-alone games and online games, web games is the best means of entertainment. > and

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