Local marriage network a new era of marriage network

July 29, 2017

the hot new show in recent years has also brought a wave of dating sites". Lily net, a long time network suddenly jumped into people’s field of vision, and for the whole nation know, many young people also abandoned the old wedding introduction tradition, and instead use marriage network this form. After all these years of marriage the marriage website development website like a raging fire, is already saturated, want to come back a share is not easy. But the marriage industry profit is very lucrative obvious to people, at this time, if you want to do the wedding network, we must avoid the edge, Zoupian Jian feng. And the local marriage network is undoubtedly a good choice. Next, let’s talk about how we should develop local marriage websites in 2013.

grasp the geographical advantages and seek further development


local network and network marriage marriage is very different geographical advantages, Chinese are said to, after all is marriage, geography is one of the most important factors to consider. Although marriage network also can find local people, do regional activities, but after all, retrieval scope is large, it is inconvenient. For example: Although the woman wants Beijing man, but man, although the data show that Beijing is just north drifters sooner or later have to go home. Search results like this often differ greatly from the expectations of the search party, which can be a great disappointment and a doubt about the credibility of the site. But the local website does not appear this oolong, bottom of my heart, the two sides also facilitate further communication meeting.

therefore, the local marriage network should seize this advantage, hold more activities, and give the unmarried men and women the opportunity to know and understand. The success rate of the blind date is high, and the reputation of the website goes up. The website will step by step, do well, earn more and more, and the website will be more and more successful.

, you don’t have much credit, the reputation of the website is in the first place,

marriage industry is a small flexible industry. In marriage, people don’t change their choice because of price competition. Marriage is a major event in life, people who want to marry are running for the rest of their lives. What’s the point of money? In some cases, of course, choose a reputable website. For dating sites, the most important thing is the reputation of the site. With credibility, people will choose this site more.

therefore do marriage website, to determine the real data of the website user, can set up website blacklist, some have in the website have bad record, misbehavior this kind of user resolutely isolation. Can a natural word-of-mouth reputation twenty chuan-100, soft promotion which is the site of the. Not only that, but also homegrown, such as selection of site matching the success of the couple went to the last and feeling good lovers, giving them bonuses or travel vouchers for a class of prizes, let them use the website website endorsements, couples for website profit. This is a good publicity. Other single men and women will see it and believe it more.

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