Quality networking resources scarce bottleneck small and medium sites how to break through

July 31, 2017

is now on the site effect of high quality human resources development is more and more big, may be an unknown new website, if the owners can "call, should be familiar with well-known chiefs gathered within the industry, as long as the content of the website (service) okay, through these people said, can immediately make their sites get larger the development of.

The establishment of the

04 year old oak photography net, grassroots webmaster Hao brother would use their original specializing in soft writing and editing websites are to establish rapport, he is not known to many new sites now new Adsense drool with envy high weight link of friendship, at the time the website channel is recommended under the condition of less weight, higher authority industry website Links website promotion, directly into the flow effect is far better than now; not to mention that when the domestic SEO, take the initiative to do SEO of the very few people, such a large number of stable, high weight, the chain linked to a strong new web search the role of engine ranking as can be imagined, it can not be said to be his site from the beginning of the starting line had been "standing on the shoulders of giants.".

"First come, first served., early spring flowers and trees", in fact, think that it is selling goods or the establishment of website brand, the ultimate aim is to use high quality content (service) to establish a website and stable relationship — to cultivate more users for their own website identity, driven by their word-of-mouth marketing, will attract more people to come to their own websites; and because of huge industry authority leaders for ordinary users influence, so the industry leader authority for any form of promotion is precious.

imagine, if there was no such luxury brother industry well-known website editor may help Links these alone should be enough to keep him busy for months can not fix, not to mention other aspects of what he’s got to help.

with the standardization of the Internet industry, so that the industry’s high-quality resources for the development of unknown sites increasingly precious. For most of this lack of industry quality human resources grassroots webmaster, this high quality industry resources has gradually formed a deep barrier, cannot deviate.


SEO, human resources is becoming more and more important, has the industry’s high-quality human resources not only means more high weight, strong correlation between the stability of the chain resources; and, in the Baidu search "on the R & D Department Post Internet page value" on the quality of the original content of the "content" gain "in audience size and definition then" Sina recommend "," Sina News "for example vividly shows that the industry authority website network resources on the site of the importance of SEO.

and in order to get a well-known website recommendation, in addition to the high quality of the website content, the webmaster of network resources is naturally easier. So there are horses, and maxima. A thousand miles is often there, but the bole is not often

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