White Deer Research nstitute 9 details of Web site operations

July 31, 2017

DNS analysis of

1 domain name

In the

directly through the input URL address bar, domain name in front of the W is often wrong, so simple work can prevent, in time, DNS analysis such as baidu.com, ww.baidu.com and wwww.baidu.com in two W and four W are good.

The favicon.ico icon in the

2 address bar

if you have a mature logo and can extract a unique recognizable icon, don’t forget to design the favicon for the site, which can be searched through the internet.

3 footer routine project

At the bottom of the

website about us, contact us, the best set of copyright information, especially for the "about us", a mature business website should be carefully worded, for what he is, there is a corresponding introduction of what to do.

4 landing box and exit


is a regular "username" landing, landing box is not set very long, if it is to "mail username", make sure that when landing the width of the box, the user name login box set wider. In order to increase the proportion of login and registration, "landing" two words can be designed more attractive to some, such as "dive"; but the "exit" it is best to use the conventional definition, to avoid the "exit" function to attract users caused by unnecessary exit behavior.

5 registration process

in order to increase the amount of registration, the registration options must be controlled within 5, the 3 best. Of course, if it’s a feature community, and the rules are tough in the community, the registration options can be more.

6 user agreement

about the user agreement, unless it is a special commercial and government, the proposed set shorter registration agreement; or the registration process can be simple protocol separation, registration protocol, protocol will be dispersed into the operation process, such as the opening of a separate agreement function. If the registration protocol is interesting and attractive, it can greatly increase the registered conversion ratio and active proportion of users.

7 site map

This method is only suitable for the

Google engine, set the standard of googlesitemap, at this time, when the only search your site keywords, will appear in the site map first your search results, the effect is similar to the "giant" Baidu do a search advertising portal, you can search for "Sina" effect by google.


8 first landing user’s station letter

for the first landing in the station letter, personally, I do not recommend that the user login for the first time to the system

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