The horse prairie 5D6D free forum charges of war

August 1, 2017

today, to get such a message suddenly: the well-known free forum provider 5D6D claimed that after careful consideration, decided to launch a territory binding domain of services, in order to ensure the safety of users has binding domain, and solve the problem of access for the record.

specific circumstances and charges are divided into two kinds of distinction, the first is the binding domain and existing record in the territory with the Lord needs immediately to modify the access provider (modified access to 30 gold, 30 yuan RMB), as compensation, has brought major change binding domain access after the territory will be presented 3 months free domain name. The second is to bind the domain name, and there is no record, Lord need to pay the first month of 30 yuan RMB, second months began 10 yuan / month domain name binding costs. This means that, from now on, those who use the 5D6D service top-level domain users need to pay an annual fee of 120 yuan to the domain name domain, for the novice to bind the top-level domain name in their first year to pay the cost of 140 yuan. From the official tone of the 5D6D, all the lords that bind top-level domains will have to pay $120 a year for domain name binding.

‘s move, like a huge stone thrown into the calm waters of the 5D6D’s official forum, immediately caused a strong reaction and commotion. The overwhelming majority of lords were sceptical except for a few lords who expressed their understanding and support for better and more stable service. After all, as promised forever free unlimited space, unlimited traffic, no ad 5D6D, in the development process of experiencing all kinds of pressure inside and outside the development to the present, it is not easy. In the new round of network crackdown approaching, after the tragic experience of server was closed, 5D6D finally decided to vigorously remediation and clean up all of the forum, by binding the top-level domain name fee is a new beginning and bold initiatives. The controversial decision has allowed the vast majority of Lords to undergo a psychological baptism of storms.

for those lords early follow 5D6D, development scale of their new decisions both love and pain, a territory is to stabilize and develop better, but on the other hand too early costs quickly but levy against its promise. Although not bluntly charges, but the fees to the people at a glance. Moreover, once the opening of the charges, the consequences will be unimaginable. After all, human Daozu, I fish. They all know that, no top-level domain name, web site is for others to do the wedding dress, not what the actual significance. In order to bind the top-level domain name, but to pay a lot of domain name binding fees per year (you know, now the host is also catching up with cabbage prices). For those who have just entered the ranks of the Lords of the novice webmaster who, to not binding top-level domain name temporarily is not affected, and most of them are playing with a playful attitude to learn knowledge or find the fun network station. There is not much involvement or involvement in the issue of charges. Just >

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